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Dish Wash Prime

APPLICATION : Concentrated Multipurpose Liquid, tough on stains on mild on hand.

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Product Description

INSTRUCTION FOR USES : Pre Soaking : use 1-2% of PULIZIA dish wash and soak the utensil / dishes for 30 min.

FOR LESS SOILED DISHES : Scrub well with non abrasives scotch and rinse well.

FOR HEAVILY SOILED DISHES : Pour 2 to 3 drops of undiluted liquid and scrub with non abrasives scotch and rinse well

FOR COOKING UTENSILS : Apply undiluted liquid on entire surface with Scotch and keep a side for 2-3 minutes. Now scrub well with scotch and rinse well,


  • Tough on stains soft on utensils
  • Safe on Hands
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Highly effective for less to heavily soiled dishes.


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