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Toilet Bowl Cleaner H6

Renslighet® Toilet Bowl Cleaner is a unique combination of surface friendly ingredient to protect the toilet bowl from getting rid off yellow stains, controls foul odour & prevents infection.

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Product Description

APPLICATION: Ready to use

INSTRUCTION FOR USES : Use Renslighet® Toilet bowl cleaner on wet toilet bowl and brush well all round the bowl. Flush with plenty of water. If Yellow stains are present on the bowl surface, keep the liquid for 5 minutes and then brush and flush.


  •  Stain Relief
  •  Germ Control
  •  Eco Friendly
  •  Easy Spreading
  •  Eliminates Bad Odour
  •  Sparkling Clean & Shine
  •  Effortless Cleaning
  •  Tough On Dirt & Mild On Surface

FEATURES: It spreads easily by covering the entire toilet bowl. Clean your toilet and removes tough stains. Kills 99.99% germs


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