Hand Sanitizer Liquid Based With Fragrance

Hand Sanitizer  Liquid Based  With Fragrance
Parent Category Hand Sanitiser

Description :

RENSLIGHET ® Hand Sanitizer is a skin friendly viscous liquid effective against bacteria’s to protect your hands in regular routine use.

RENSLIGHET® Hand Sanitizer is a skin friendly FDA approved viscous liquid effective against bacteria’s to protect your hands in regular routine use.

Direction for use: Hygienic Hand Sanitization – Use 2-3ml of Renslighet hand sanitizer on clean and dry palm. Rub briskly to dry. Leaves your skin smooth and soft after use.

  • Take a coin sized drop on your palm
  • Spread Sanitizer and rub palms together
  • Rub tips of each hand with palm of other hand
  • Rub hands together until they are dry

Benefits : 1) Bactericidal 2) Sporicidal 3) Fungicidal 4) Virucidal

It Can be used in : It highly recommended at Hospitals, Household Uses, Food Industry, Restaurants, and Hotels

Composition / Information on ingredients: Chemical characterization

Description: Cosmetic product.

Hazardous ingredients: Void

 First aid measures · General information: No special measures required. ·Inhalation: Not   applicable.

Eye contact: Wash immediately with copious amounts of water. ·

Ingestion: Rinse out mouth and then drink one or two glasses of water (or milk) In case of persistent symptoms obtain medical attention.

 Firefighting measures · Suitable extinguishing media: CO2, extinguishing powder or water jet. Fight larger fires with water jet or alcohol-resistant foam. ·

Protective equipment: No special measures required.

Handling and storage: Information for safe handling: Use common rules for working with chemicals.

Hazards Identification: Classification: Flammable.

Hazards for man and the environment: R 10 Flammable.

 Classification system: The product comes under cosmetics regulations (for EU: Cosmetics Directive). ·

Additional information: Cosmetic products are not subject to the EC Dangerous Preparations Directive.

Available in : 5ltr & 500ml.