Renslighet Hot Grill Cleaner

Renslighet Hot Grill Cleaner
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Description :

Renslighet Hot Grill Cleaner

A non-toxic cleaner that actually works! Its unique formula remove grease and other residues from all grill surfaces without any harmful toxic chemicals 

so that you keep your grill and health in great shape.


1. It Cleans away tough stains, keeping your grill looking new, year-round!
2. Great for use on both Gas and Charcoal Grills.
3.Use on exterior or interior of the grill!
4.Fast working degreaser formula reduces scrubbing time and effort vs. brushing alone.
5. Cleans away flaky carbon buildup that accumulates on inside of grill over time.
6. Helps remove oily residue on grates.

Nature: Alkaline.

Dilution: Ready to use: Spray on the surface to be cleaned. (Approx 6-to 7 spray for one meter square area. 

Allow the contact time for 10 to 20 minutes. Scrub well with brush and rinse well with running water. Or wipe well with wet cloth after scrubbing the surface.

For Convection oven, spray on the surface and heat to approx 60 deg.C.

For daily cleaning utensils,(Fryer etc): use 5 to 10% diluted solution .

AVAILABLE IN : 1Ltr & 5Ltr